Free Grains and Hops!

The brew club has received a couple generous donations recently from local friends of the club.  Chris and Audrey (Billy Goat Hop Farm) have donated almost 16 lbs of hops and Kevin McHugh (Pomona Brewing Co., opening soon at N 9th and Townsend) has donated a whopping 840 lbs of grain.  Below is a table with the items listed. 

We’ve kicked around the idea of creating a recipe from these ingredients, possibly a brown ale, stout, or lager with Munich, Vienna, or pilsner malt as the base. You would just need to add a yeast to finish the beer then in a couple of months we could get together to try the different examples.

If you are interested, let Eric know (or email the group).  If you have a recipe that would work with the ingredients that would make a group brew, throw it out there.  If you just want to grab a bunch of grains, that is great too.  Matt Landt currently is housing the grains, Hoover’s have the hops.  They are included in the original email so you can contact them directly to make arrangements to pick up the items.  You’ll need to supply bags or buckets for the grains.

As an example, I found this stout recipe online that fits our ingredients.


Malter/Distributor Type Milled lbs EBC SRM/Lovibond
William Crisp Aromatic Malt Yes 49.5 15-25
Weyermann Beech-smoked barley ? 55 4-8.0 2-3.5
Weyermann Beech-smoked barley Yes 17 4-8.0 2-3.5
Dingemans Biscuit Yes 14 50 20
Proximity Malt Black No 44 500
? (silver bag) Carafa 2 Yes 2 396-471
William Crisp Caramalt Yes 27
? (green bag) Caramunich 1 Yes 5 30-38
William Crisp Chocolate Yes 42 425-475
William Crisp Crystal 120 Yes 10.5 110-130
William Crisp Crystal 45 Yes 41.75 40-50
William Crisp Crystal 60 Yes 36 55-65
William Crisp Crystal 77 Yes 49.5 70-80
Proximity Malt Dextrin ? 50 1
Grain Millers Flaked (rolled) barley 32.5
Bunge Milling Flaked corn (Ceratex) Yes 22
Crisp Flaked torrified rice 34
Simpsons Malt Maris Otter Yes 13.5 4-6.0 2.2-3
Weyermann Melanoidin malt Yes 9 60-80 23-31
Proximity Malt Munich 10 ? 50 10
William Crisp Pale chocolate Yes 24 200-250
Weyermann Pilsner Yes 14 2.5-4.5 1.4-2.1
Weyermann Pilsner Yes 32 2.5-4.5 1.4-2.1
Simpsons Malt Roasted barley Yes 20 1300-1900 488-713
Grain Millers Rolled oat 11.5
? (green bag) Special B Yes 15 140-155
Home Brew Supply Special Roast Yes 11.5
Weyermann Vienna malt Yes 32.5 6-9.0 2.7-3.8
Weyermann Vienna malt Yes 41.5 6-9.0 2.7-3.8
Rahr Malting White wheat Yes 38 3-3.5


Hops # of 1oz Packets
Cascade 23
Columbus 65
Crystal 11
Nugget 11
Chinook 21
Comet 18
Copper 22
Magnum 50

Eric’s Suggested Stout Recipe

11lb munich
1lb crystal 60
1lb flaked barley
8 oz chocolate malt
6 oz black (patent) malt

2.5 oz cascade at 60 minutes
1.0 oz magnum at 5 minutes
1.0 oz cascade at 5 minutes

WY1056 American Ale yeast

1.067 OG
60 IBU
34 SRM


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