The Homebrew Club for Montrose, Colorado and Surrounding Area.

Welcome to Black Canyon Homebrewers Association.

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We brew hand crafted, high quality malted beverages.

We drink hand crafted, high quality malted beverages.

We refill hand crafted, high quality malted beverages.


Recent Announcements

  • September Updates
    September Meeting The next meeting of the Black Canyon Homebrewers Association is Thursday, September 14 at 6:00 PM. The meeting will be at Casey’s house in Montrose. Contact me if you need directions.  The big topic of discussion will be Oktoberfest!!! Which is only a few days away! Also, Casey has brewed up a batch of beer which he split up and hopped each part differently. This Hop Bits will be a great way to compare the effects different hops have on beer. Please come if you can and bring beer if you like. Upcoming Important Dates
  • SMaSH Off Award Ceremony and Get Together
    Our SMaSH Off competition with Bookcliff Homebrew Club comes to a close with our Award Ceremony. Congratulation to Niko Frye for winning this year. Big thanks to Stoik Beer Company for hosting us.
  • Montrose County Fair Beer Competition
    Best of Show: Eric Svensen’s Dubbel Category First Place Second Place Third Place Porter / Stout Casey Knopp     Pale Ale Casey Knopp Casey Knopp Andrew Burris Amber or Brown Ale Andrew Burris David Sinton Casey Knopp Fruit or Vegetable Andrew Burris     Lager Eric Svensen Eric Svensen   Belgian Eric Svensen Eric Svensen   Cider Dennis Murphy Jerry Spangrude   Cordial Constance Reed     Montrose County Fair Board provided the categories.
  • Fair! Next Meeting! SMaSH Winners!
    Montrose County Fair The Fair will run from July 21 to the 29th. Beer judging will be on Wednesday, July 26 at 6:00 PM at the Montrose Event Center (1036 North Seventh Street – the best place to park is south of the Event Center and north of North Pythian Avenue). If you would like to enter your beer, wine, cider, or mead, entries will be due on Monday, July 24th. Drop off locations include Friendship Hall, the Hoovers’ place, or David’s place. All entries will be $1 and please submit two bottles. Fill out this entry form plus this…
  • Brewing Equipment for Sale
    Tom Jungers has some real cool brewing supplies for sale. This includes a refrigerator set up for five taps. He would like $1,250 for the entire set up (parts are over $3,000 new). But he is willing to entertain offers or sell items separately. Contact him directly (
  • County Fair, Next Meeting, and more!
    County Fair More details about beer, cider, wine, and mead judging for Montrose County Fair will be coming. Generally, there will be at least one drop off point in July, entries will be a dollar, and we’ll be using the BJCP 2021 style guide during judging. We’ll need volunteers to judge and steward. This will be a great time to learn about beer and beer styles you don’t normally consume. So please join us. Judging will be on Wednesday, July 25 at Montrose County Event Center (time to be announced). The address is 1036 N 7th St. The best place to park is south of the…