Free Grains and Hops – Update!

We still have grains and hop available. The grains were donated to us by Kevin, the brewer at the soon-to-open Pamona Brewery. Hops are from Chris at Billy Goat Hop Farm. Please contact Matt directly for grains and Eric for hops. Grains Malter/DistributorTypeMilledlbsEBCSRM/LovibondWilliam CrispAromatic MaltYes3515-25WeyermannBeech-smoked barleyYes304-8.02-3.5DingemansBiscuitYes9.755020Proximity MaltBlackNo40500? (silver bag)Carafa 2Yes2396-471William CrispCaramaltYes27? (green bag)Caramunich 1Yes2.2530-38William CrispChocolateYes42425-475William CrispCrystal 120Yes9.75110-130William CrispCrystal 45Yes42.7540-50Proximity MaltDextrin?271Grain MillersFlaked (rolled) barley-22--CrispFlaked torrified rice-34--Proximity MaltMunich 10?1810Simpsons MaltRoasted barleyYes161300-1900488-713Grain MillersRolled oat-11.5--? (green bag)Special BYes14140-155Home Brew SupplySpecial RoastYes10 Hops Hop VarietyOuncesComet3Michigan Copper4Nugget3Crystal3Cascade8Magnum10Columbus32

Free Grains and Hops!

By LuckyStarr - Own work, CC BY 2.5, The brew club has received a couple generous donations recently from local friends of the club.  Chris and Audrey (Billy Goat Hop Farm) have donated almost 16 lbs of hops and Kevin McHugh (Pomona Brewing Co., opening soon at N 9th and Townsend) has donated a whopping 840 lbs of grain.  Below is a table with the items listed.  We've kicked around the idea of creating a recipe from these ingredients, possibly a brown ale, stout, or lager with Munich, Vienna, or pilsner malt as the base. You would just need to…